How to open a mini golf club

Mini golf is taking over the world! The history of this game began in 1953, and already in 1963 the International Minigolf Federation was created. Further field standards and international rules were introduced, official championships began to be held. Today, minigolf is one of the most popular amateur sports in Europe and continues to gain recognition in the world. Russia was admitted to the International Federation in 2003, and since then the exciting democratic game has been rapidly spreading throughout our country.If you think that mini golf is just a small copy of regular golf, then you are greatly mistaken. The only thing they have in common is the presence of a field, balls and clubs, otherwise mini-golf is a completely different game.

The secret to the success of minigolf is that this sport does not need a large area, the playground can be located both outdoors and indoors. The player does not have to be in good physical shape. He must stand firmly on his feet, be able to move and hold the club in his hands. The game is interesting and is a great way to actively spend free time for almost any person.

A mini golf club is called a pater, it has an L-shape and a light head. The player uses one club during the game, but different balls, which differ in size, stiffness, mass, surface type, rebound. Ball diameter from 37 to 43 mm, weight from 22 to 80 grams. A ball thrown from a meter height onto a concrete surface at a temperature of 25 degrees must bounce no more than 85 centimeters. Usually the balls have different colors to make it easier to distinguish them during the game.

The mini golf course is called a track. Typically, a field consists of 18 numbered lanes, constructed according to the class of the field.

There are four types of certified fields on which sports competitions are allowed.

1. Eternite field or miniature golfhas a total area of ​​500 to 1200 sq. meters. The length of the track is 6.25 meters, the width is 0.9 meters. It is assembled from separate modules, obstacles are not repeated.

2. The Swedish field or felt golf is covered with a cloth similar to the cloth of a billiard table. The width of the site is also 0.9 meters, the length can be from 9 to 18 meters. The diameter of the circular platform is from 1.8 meters to 2.4 meters. The total area of ​​the field is from 700 to 1400 sq. meters. This field, like the Eternite field, consists of modules with obstacles.
3. The concrete field can be used for outdoor play, and the miniature and felt field can be installed both outdoors and indoors. The platform is 12 meters long and 1.25 meters wide. The diameter of the circle is 2.5 meters. Number of sites – 18. The total area of ​​the field is from 700 to 1400 square meters. meters. All platforms have a perfectly flat surface.

4. A landscape course or a free standard course is located in an open space and repeats in a reduced version a regular golf course. Most often, the field is equipped on a concrete base and covered with artificial grass. Stone, wood, etc. are used as boards. The number of holes is 18, the minimum required area is 2000 square meters. meters.

In addition to certified sports fields, mini-golf clubs are equipped with a wide variety of playgrounds that imitate various landscapes, offer a journey into the world of adventure, etc.

The goal of the game is to hit the ball into the hole using the club to hit and making as few hits as possible. Balls may be changed, but only one ball may be used per hole. All holes are numbered, on the way from 1 to 18 lanes, players must follow the strict order of the holes. Each site has fixed obstacles. When passing one track, you can inflict no more than six blows, for each one point is given. If, after six strokes, the ball is still not in the hole, an additional point is awarded. You can play in groups of several people, but only one player can be on the court, the rest watch the game and wait for their turn. The player who completes all the holes with the fewest points wins.

Choosing a business format

A businessman planning to open a mini-golf club must, first of all, decide on the type of playing fields: whether he is going to hold sports competitions or whether his institution will be focused on a leisurely vacation for cheerful companies.

Professional mini golf

The first option will require a larger area, strict compliance with international standards and, as a result, large investments. The equipment of one field of 18 tracks will take at least 400 thousand rubles. After that, the field must be certified. This is done by the Minigolf Committee of the Russian Golf Association.

The certification process takes place in several stages. First, the owner of the club fills out a questionnaire, where he confirms the compliance of the field with sports standards. Representatives of the association check the information, issue a certificate and enter the field into the register of fields of the Russian Golf Association, and then register the field with the World Minigolf Federation (WMF), as a result of which the club receives an international certificate plate for installation on the field. The presence of a certificate allows you to hold sports competitions, including international ones, and include the results of tournaments in international ratings; allows you to assign sports categories.

The sports club will need a coaching staff. Individual training of visitors can be a good source of additional income. The norms, requirements and conditions for their implementation of the Unified All-Russian Sports Classification in the discipline of mini-golf were first introduced in 2006, and in 2009 they were revised in accordance with the recommendations of the European Golf Association and approved by order of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Russian Federation. The number of Russian athletes with a mini-golf category is increasing, many of them are starting to coach; Methods for teaching the game of mini-golf are being developed. However, due to the fact that this sport is still new for Russia, any club can make a serious contribution to the development of mini-golf and become part of the sports history of our country.

Most often, entrepreneurs open entertainment clubs, allow visitors to bring their own food, or sell drinks and snacks themselves, which becomes an additional source of income.

Organization of recreational mini-golf

To organize an entertainment mini-golf center, you will need a spacious room, on the territory of which several small fields are equipped, for example, with three or five holes. One game is played on one field. If two groups of players are allowed on the field, they will interfere with each other, even if the first group has advanced significantly from the beginning of the field. A big advantage is the presence of an open area next to the premises, which can be rented in the warm season. In this area there are collapsible paths and tables. The outdoor area can operate from April to October.

A large number of companies are engaged in the manufacture of mini-golf tracks. Tracks are made from various materials and vary greatly in appearance. A seven-meter walkway made of wood and chipboard, covered with ordinary carpet, can be ordered for 13 thousand rubles, and when using a special coating from European manufacturers, the price will increase to 20,000 rubles.

A four-meter collapsible walkway made of laminated plywood will cost 10,000 rubles. Landscape designers are engaged in the equipment of stationary fields for playing mini-golf in the open air. There are also mini-golf courses for children with decorations in the form of fairy tale characters, castles, etc. Some owners of mini-golf clubs design courses themselves, guided by their imagination and knowledge of the specifics of the game.

To open an entertaining mini-golf club with three three-hole courses, you will need an amount of about 700 thousand rubles. The money will be used to equip the playing area, repair the premises, equip the bathroom, and furnish the recreation area. A big plus would be the presence of a bar where you can offer soft drinks and beer, but this requires additional costs and a huge amount of permits, including permission to sell alcoholic beverages.

It is easiest to purchase equipment for playing mini-golf in online stores. The average cost of a stick is 3000 rubles. The simplest patera can be bought for 1500 rubles. Since the balls differ in size and properties, their prices are 400-800 rubles.

The cost of an hour of playing mini-golf starts from 200 rubles per player. Playing on a certified field is more expensive.

Monthly revenue with a 12-hour working day and a dense workload of fields can reach up to 350 thousand rubles. After deducting the cost of rent and utilities, staff salaries, taxes, there is a profit of about 150 thousand.

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