How to open your own curling club

Curling is a team sports game that came to our country quite recently, but quickly gained loyal fans. Curling clubs in the regions are still relatively exotic, although more and more of them are being opened, because interest in this sport is steadily increasing.Curling originated in Scotland in the 16th century, but gained worldwide popularity only in the 20th century. The first European Curling Championship was held in 1975 in France, and since 1988 curling has been an Olympic sport. The first curling clubs were created in our country in the second half of the 19th century to entertain foreign diplomats, but the history of curling as a sport began only in 1991, when the Russian Curling Federation was founded. Since then, Russian curling championships have been held, and the national team has taken part in international competitions and the Olympic Games.

A curling team consists of four players. The game lasts 10 periods (“ends”). During the end, each team releases 8 stones on the ice, observing the order. A sports equipment is called a “stone”. The player accelerates the stone in such a way that it stops in a certain place or knocks out the opponent’s stone. The movement of the stone is corrected by other players with brushes, a process called sweeping. It is allowed to sweep the opponent’s stones. When both teams have played all the stones, the points for the end are calculated. One point is given for each stone that is closer to the center than the nearest enemy stone. Stones that are outside the target (“home”) do not count. Any play can have two goals: throw a stone into the “house” or knock out the opponent’s stone. The winning team is the one with the most points in the total of eight ends.

The curling court has a rectangular shape. The play area measures 44 meters by 4.75 meters. A special marking is applied to the site. A target (“house”) with a radius of 1.83 meters is applied to both sides of the site. Three circles and a center are marked inside the “house”, and a line is drawn for the center of the “house”. The score line, center line of the court, side lines and back lines are also applied. In addition, two pads are installed on each side of the site.

The stone consists of a round granite base with a circumference not exceeding 91.44 cm and a height not less than 11.43 cm and an attached handle. The mass of the stone does not exceed 19.96 kg.

The cost of the stone is from 17 to 32 thousand rubles.

Each player needs a curling brush and curling shoes.

The cost of a curling brush starts from 2.5 thousand rubles. Brushes used in international competitions cost about 7 thousand rubles. With the active use of inventory, regular replacement of pillows is required (900 rubles). A replacement head will cost 1400. Curling boots cost from 4 to 14 thousand rubles. One shoe can have a sliding coating (slider), the other can have an anti-slip coating (anti-slider). The price of sliders and anti-sliders starts from 800 rubles.

To equip the playground, it is better to turn to professionals. On the Russian market, there are companies involved in the construction and launch of ice tracks for curling, installation of refrigeration equipment for the ice field, pouring ice, and marking the field.

The construction of a curling club will cost 20-40 million rubles, depending on the type of coverage. First of all, you need an ice arena with playgrounds. A system of refrigeration pipelines is laid on the surface, then it is covered with sand, ice is poured on top, and a refrigeration unit is installed. Next, you need to think about where to place the spectators who want to attend the competition. It is also necessary to equip locker rooms and showers.

When operating a coating of real ice, there will be high energy costs. About 50 W / h is spent on maintaining 1 square. meters of ice. In addition, you will need an ice machine.

For curling it is possible to use artificial synthetic ice, a special coating that is a unique substitute for real ice. The coating has a white color, is used both in open and closed spaces, does not require expensive refrigeration equipment. During installation, separate plastic layers are fastened. The degree of wear of artificial ice is 25 years. Compared to maintaining real ice, maintenance costs for artificial ice are negligible. In addition, electricity is saved. Synthetic ice produced in Russia will cost 6,000 rubles per square meter. The product of foreign manufacturers costs at least twice as much.

Renting one playground on average in the country costs 3-4 thousand rubles. Renting stones is included in the total rental price, but brushes, as a rule, each player has his own. Since the sport is a team sport, it requires the formation and training of teams, for which any sports club needs a coach who has been certified by the Russian Curling Federation. The cost of training one player in Moscow is 1000 rubles.

The opening of a children’s school and the holding of team competitions will significantly contribute to the growth in the popularity of curling, which will ensure the employment of the site not only on weekends and in the evenings, but also in the daytime.

The construction of a club with artificial turf will pay off from 8 months to 1.5 years, and in the future will bring a stable income, which can grow along with the popularity of curling in Russia.

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