Own business: how to make money on excursion programs

This article is about how to turn the love of your city into a profitable business. Since there are countless beautiful cities in our country, there are practically no competitors (with the exception of capital cities), and start-up investments are small, such an excursion business can be a great idea for earning money for historians, local historians and, in fact, all those who love their city and are ready to share their knowledge with others.

So what do you need for this?

Suppose you already have a desire – for a start it would be nice to decide what exactly you will sell – in other words, to develop interesting sightseeing tours.

Do not focus on sights that everyone already knows about – choose a route through places that will become a discovery even for the natives.

As Mr. Finberg’s experience shows, a significant proportion of customers (oddly enough) will be local residents who want to discover something new.

As a rule, true fans of their favorite city have no problems choosing such little-known sights – an unusually beautiful building (not necessarily old), a picturesque corner in the park – anything can be included in your itinerary if it shows a familiar city from an unexpected side.

For example, my friend told me how she discovered three sakura trees somewhere on the outskirts of Rostov-on-Don in a private garden (!) – and with her light hand, at least ten friends went to that memorable house to admire the flowering of this beautiful iconic Japanese tree.

And each of your acquaintances has several mini-discoveries of their own, which they will gladly share with you.

In general, with sufficient desire, you should not have problems with the formation of various routes for both city guests and its residents.

To attract young people, you can combine excursions with themed quests, which are now at the peak of popularity. Assemble tourists into groups and let them complete tasks and look for certain places. Such excursions are, of course, walking tours.

So we have our tours. However, before selling them, it would be nice to decide to whom to sell – in other words – where to look for customers.

In this age of information technology, the main source of your customers will be the Internet, or rather social networks.

Other ways to get customers are cooperation with local travel agencies, schools and even branches of Western companies, which may sometimes need your services as an entertainment program for guests.

Advertising in traditional media is less effective (and more costly). But you may well offer an interesting idea for a report or article. The media are constantly looking for interesting topics for a report or article, and although they prefer to pay for them, realizing that they will not be able to get money from you, they will gladly use you as an expert and source of interesting information about the city.

In general, this is the case when, in order to promote services, you will not have to pay as much as to walk, write, talk :)) On the other hand, the return on such “unpaid” materials will be much higher.

By the way, at the initial stages you will not need an office either. It will be perfectly replaced by an online representation (your website or a group in social networks).

Staff will also appear only with time. You can easily organize the first excursions yourself, but with the development of your business you cannot do without assistants.

A good way to increase business revenue is to sell related products and services. You can sell guidebooks, books about the city, provide rental services, hotel accommodation, order transport, etc. But this is in the future.

The travel business is booming right now. So, if you have a desire, without wasting time, enter this growing market segment and by the time the crisis is over, you will leave potential competitors far behind.Good luck to you and your business!

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