Own business: opening your own fitness club

In this article we will talk about sports clubs “within walking distance”. This format is very popular in Europe, the USA and Australia, where one gym serves only residents of several neighboring houses. And in Sweden and Germany, for example, even small shops, cafes and boutiques are being converted into clubs.

Demand for the services of a small sports club is also growing in our country. Modern residents of megacities are well aware that sport is the best way to combat shortness of breath, tachycardia, depression and obesity.

The start of a sports business is a search for a suitable area for a mini-club. To understand what area to count on, the future owner should know that at least 5-6 square meters should be allocated per visitor. m. The norm of the area for each person involved in the aerobic hall is 2 square meters. m. In addition, you will need a place for toilets, showers, reception desks, a small room for staff. According to experts, the minimum footage of a sports club can vary from 140 to 250 square meters. m.

The next step is the actual search for the premises. At the same time, the company registration process should begin. You do not need to obtain any special licenses to open a fitness center. The easiest way is to register an individual enterprise.

It is better to open a “walking distance” sports club in densely populated residential areas, in office centers and, if the price allows, in shopping and retail centers. The first thing to consider is rent. The maximum rent, even for serious fitness clubs, should not exceed $80-90 per sq. m. m. per month, the optimal price is $ 30-50.

You can sign a contract only on a long-term lease – at least 5 years. The optimal period is 10 years. Don’t settle for the 11-month lease that landlords love. In less than 5 years, the costs may not pay off. Or, on the contrary, you will quickly promote the outlet, and the lease will not be renewed by selling it to more profitable customers. Therefore, you can agree to a lease only with a long-term contract, with its subsequent and mandatory registration with the Registration Chamber.

One of the main stages is the planning and design of the premises. The club must have its own individual face: bright and youthful and sporty or calmly classic in pastel colors. Repair costs will be about $500 to $700 per sq. m. m.

After the repair, equipment is purchased. Here’s what experts advise against saving.
Equipment for the club is taken only the highest quality and, accordingly, expensive. Suppliers of quality equipment, as a rule, are serious dealers who will ensure its complete and correct installation, as well as further maintenance and warranty repairs. Equipment of the club with simulators and other sports equipment and accessories will cost 15-20 thousand dollars.

High-class specialists prefer to work in a large chain fitness club, where there are very high salaries, and prestigious clients, and career opportunities. But this does not mean that a small club will not be able to find its personnel. Sometimes such an advantage as the minimum distance from work to home can be decisive for a specialist.

The main problem of the inhabitants of the metropolis is the constant lack of time. Therefore, it is best to develop your at least sports business in the complex. It is advisable to equip the club with a solarium, a bath cabin, a cabin with a massage shower, equip rooms for a hairdresser, manicurist, masseur. A novelty in the fitness business is sports bars, where customers are offered fresh juice, oxygen or vitaminized cocktails before or after classes.

The profit of a sports club consists of two parts: a subscription fee (sale of club cards) and proceeds from additional services. For large fitness clubs, the sale of club cards is, in fact, the operating profit of the owner. And the institution itself pays off solely through additional service. Sale of salads and cocktails in a bar, massage, beauty service – everything goes to the wages of the company’s staff, as well as to support its life (rent, minor repairs, utilities, etc.).

For an approximate income planning, you should calculate the approximate number of potential customers, multiply it by the subscription cost – and the planned profit amount is displayed.

At the initial stage, you should not overestimate the cost of your services. Today in Moscow, the average cost of an annual subscription is $300. 500 members of the club is a very real figure, given the objective lack of sports facilities in Moscow. With these parameters, it is quite possible to count on $150,000 in annual income. The payback period of a sports club is at least 2-3 years.

Large companies allow themselves to spend up to 5-7% of all their income on advertising of existing clubs and up to 15-20% on newly opened ones. A local small sports club can announce its opening in several ways: on cable television in the area, as well as in the local newspaper.

The least expensive way of advertising is to distribute leaflets in front of the subway entrance and exit, at bus stops and near large supermarkets, shopping centers, popular food markets; as well as sending invitations by mail to offices and business centers.

As an option, you can organize presentations, for example, use the simulators for free on the opening day, or hold a children’s holiday, an amateur competition or a health day.

The costs of the sports club “walking distance”.

Starting expenses of the club with an area of ​​250 sq. m: gym – 70 sq. m, aerobics room – 60 sq. m, 5 showers, 3 toilets, men’s and women’s locker rooms, a solarium, a bath cabin, a massage room – it is also for cosmetic, manicure and pedicure procedures.

  • Room rental for 3 months. forward – from 682 500
  • Premises renovation – average cost 3,125,000
  • Equipment for the gym and aerobics hall – from 375,000
  • Reception desk, lockers for storing things of visitors, a massage table, a solarium, a bath cabin, manicure room equipment, a minimum set of furniture for staff (chairs, tables, armchairs) – from 475,000

Total – 4 657 500 rubles.

Sports club monthly expenses.

  • Staff: 5 trainers, 1 manicure and pedicure master, 1 massage therapist, 3 administrators, 1 accountant, 2 cleaners – from 227,500.
  • The club is open from 8 am to 10 pm.
  • Rent – from 30,000.
  • Utilities, payment of electricity – from 10,000.
  • Other expenses (equipment repair, small household and stationery expenses) – from 20,000.
  • Club advertising – from 325,000.

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