You can't always get to the gym, but the truth is you don't need to. Rob shows you how working out in your local playground or tennis court can deliver results for all levels of athletes. 

Each playground has unique opportunities for athletes to train. There will be monthly updates with video content to show how best to utilize the various playground equipment.

Playground Exercises

Playground Videos Include:

  • Deluxe Surgical Tubing Promo Playground

  • Deluxe Surgical Tubing Promo

  • Green and Purple Band Bench Press

  • Green and Purple Band Body Bar Row

  • Green and Purple Band Bear Crawl

  • Deluxe Surgical Tubing Polling

  • Deluxe Surgical Tubing Baseball Swing

  • Deluxe Surgical Tubing Boxing Punch

  • Alternate Quick Step onto a riser.

Court Exercises

Court Videos Include:

  • Broad jump for distance 

  • Forward and backward run over hurdles 

  • Half court agility drill

  • Monkey Grid Lateral Shuffle

  • Over and Back, Forward and backwards

  • Reaction Ball 3 for 2 

  • 5 cone sled barrow drill variations

  • Battling Rope L Sit